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Eric George Joins the "Scale Up Your Business Podcast" with Nick Bradley

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Entrepreneurship and investment has fundamentally changed with the arrival of COVID-19. With businesses and industries upended, and economic uncertainty escalating by the day, few leaders believe they can succeed in the current environment. Dr. Eric George, founder and CEO of ERG Enterprises, sees it differently. Success remains not only possible, but probable given today's conditions when entrepreneurs, investors, and leaders choose to invest in their relationships with stakeholders.

This was the focus of an interview between Dr. George and Nick Bradley, an entrepreneur and investor and host of the "Scale Up Your Business Podcast."

Below are notes from the episode and pertinent resources:


  • Entrepreneurs and investors are such separate entities, but their power is increased exponentially when they unite in the same cause. 

  • Narrow-mindedness is a barrier to innovation. If we cannot achieve a certain goal because of a lack of technology or knowledge, then grow, develop, or acquire someone in order to achieve it. 

  • There’s a real sense of collaboration between management and investors right now, who recognise that effective synergy brings rich rewards to all involved. 

  • Leaders emerge in times of trouble. Those with the natural instinct to survive and thrive are beacons to those in need of direction. 

  • The world is changed forever. It’s up to the thinkers and innovators to make sure that the world is changed for the better.


  • 'The more connected entrepreneurs and investors are, the greater success those two entities will have’ 

  • ‘Don’t be afraid to get in the water and swim!’ 

  • ‘In situations like this you’ve got to step up. You have to think differently’ 

  • 'There’s nothing like a common enemy to build camaraderie’ 

  • 'Something like this forces you to do the things you should’ve been doing anyway' 



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