Intelligent Investment

ERG Enterprises is a privately held investment capital company headquartered in New Orleans and is committed to changing communities worldwide. 

About Us

When Dr. Eric George founded New Orleans-based ERG Enterprises in early 2006, it was during the darkest days in the city’s history. After Hurricane Katrina, many felt the city unworthy of investment. But Dr. George believed in his adopted city and knew that not only would the company’s investments show a profitable return, but would also help the city’s people and infrastructure when it was so needed.

Where we are now

Like New Orleans, the company has experienced tremendous growth over the past ten years and our interests span multiple continents and more than a dozen markets. ERG has currently amassed a portfolio worth more than one billion dollars with fully diversified assets including the medical, hospitality, multifamily/mixed-use, entertainment, energy, aviation, and development industries.

Where we are going

Under Dr. George’s direction, the firm is actively pursuing investment opportunities that will continue its decade-old legacy of wise investments that build a better tomorrow.