Insights & Updates

Investing in Education and a Great Company

We found an opportunity to invest in an education technology company because of our network of  experienced angel investors.  We believe in education and want to help develop and improve it.  The company impressed us the more we looked at it. It incorporated a great team and an amazing founder, who has experience in creating technology processes and digital convergence. 

As a result, we felt it was a great investment opportunity. 

Modern Teacher and Expanding Education

School districts across the United States spend billions of dollars on technological devices, IT infrastructure and digital content. These are worthwhile features, but it focuses on these individual items—devices, infrastructure and content—as single point solutions and not as parts to a whole. Modern Teacher, an education technology company, solves this problem.  They provide research-based methods for integrating technology (aka digital convergence) for school districts, and transform traditional classrooms into modern learning environments. Currently, the company works with more than 40 school districts throughout the country.

modern teacher logo

We think this integrative approach is the right path, and we became interested in Modern Teacher. We then looked at the team and leadership behind the company, and we became more intrigued.

Charles Fred, Modern Teacher CEO, has assembled a knowledgeable team of educators, public education specialists, and digital experts.  In addition, Fred brings his own impressive track record. He has led numerous prosperous companies that present learning services through technology.  Plus, he’s a great communicator, a vital quality for any CEO.  He wrote the bestseller Breakaway.  The book shows companies how to use learning strategies for better customer service and an improved bottom line.

We look forward to Modern Teacher’s growth.  Most of all, we are excited to see the company change the classroom into an efficient and inviting 21st Century learning environment.